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This website is inspired by the Bahá’í Faith, and owned and managed by Bahá’ís. The genesis of this site is the production of Bahá’í audio books, and the site as a resource for the community grew naturally from the idea of distribution. 

The audio book project itself began with an idea many years ago. As an avid audio book listener (with a long commute), the desire for Bahá’í books on CD was natural. It was determined the first and best book to produce in an audio format would have to be Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh. Putting Gleanings on audio was a project that had no end. Just finding the right voice was a critical decision. It's our first book of many and we slowly learned the process of production. We are confident in our ability moving forward and will continue to produce all the Bahá’í books available. Read “A Message from the Producer/Director” where you will learn insights into the actual production of this wondrous book.

Because this website is managed by Baha'is, quotes and Faith-related information have been confirmed as accurate, and cross-checked directly with the Sacred Writings or other authoritative sources. 

If you have suggestions, please contact us at info@worldunitymedia.com. Also, if you are an author, contact us and we can discuss how to get your book on audio. 
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Check out the Resources page on this website for a list of Bahá’í related websites. For example, to get a copy of this beautiful picture of the International Teaching Centre Building  in Haifa, Israel, go to:
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